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The Peace Party seeks to promote a society that is compassionate and respectful, and that values cooperation over competition.

A compassionate society

A compassionate society is generous towards its weaker and more needy members. It seeks to ameliorate their condition and to provide both material and moral support.

A respectful society

A society whose members respect one another feels less threatened by differences in religion, lifestyle, and politics, and is more able to 'live and let live.' Nor will a society that has respect for others be willing to go to war.

Co-operation is better than competition

Competition would play a smaller part in a society whose members were aware and supportive of the needs and aspirations of others.

View from the Media

Our Chesterfield candidate, Tommy Holgate, is interviewed by RT. They don't seem to understand how our politics work, but still, it's what Tommy has to say that matters...

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Peace Party Journal Issue 1

You can now view Issue 1 of Peace, the Peace Party Journal, just by clicking the following links. If you would prefer a 'hard' (paper) copy you can either print it on your own printer, or send £5.00 for a pre-printed copy (of higher quality) to The Peace Party Journal (Issue 1), 39 Sheepfold Road, Guildford GU2 9TT. (Only available in the UK).

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... for a better world

The world as we know it is far from ideal. Of course we realise nothing can ever be perfect, but there is no reason not to try to improve things as much as we can. Here are some of the characteristics of the kind of world we would like to live in...

1. Conflict would always be resolved by non-violent means: killing each other is no way to settle differences, and war is always wrong.

2. Everyone would be involved in making the decisions that affect their lives.

There would be appropriate health care and freedom of choice for all.

3. There would be safe and peaceful homes for everyone.

4. People would be able to live in harmony with one another and their natural and man-made surroundings.

5. Everyone would have access to justice.

6. Everyone would have freedom and opportunity to learn and to study, helping empower themselves and their communities.

7. Everyone would have meaningful work and an assured income without exploitation or oppression.

8. Everyone would have leisure time and easy access to facilities for creativity and recreation.

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Vote for Peace!

General Election - 7th May, 2015

John Morris was parliamentary candidate for the Guildford constituency. He obtained 230 votes (0.42% of those cast)

No title

John Morris on Daily Politics

Click here for a copy of the Guildford Peace Party Leaflet for 2015.

Tommy Holgate, media officer for the Peace Party, stood in his home constituency of Chesterfield. He polled 129 votes (0.28% of those cast).

Jim Duggan stood again for the Horsham seat and attracted 307 votes (0.54% of those cast).

Tania Mahmood stood in the Tottenham constituency of the London Borough of Haringey. She polled 291 votes (0.68% of those cast).

No title

Tania Mahmood

We have just appointed Tania as our

Youth spokesperson

District/Borough Council Elections, 7th May, 2015

Vali Drummond, Mohammed Kabir, John Morris and Trevor Jones stood for election to Guildford Borough Council (Westborough and Onslow Wards) while Tommy Holgate and Jim Duggan stood for seats on their local councils.

Vali - 102 votes, Mohammed - 90 votes, John - 191 votes (5.2%), Trevor - 172 votes, Tommy - 140 votes (c 5%) and Jim - 418 votes

Peace Party in the Social Media

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Recent Tweet

"Peace Party, with influence on government, would never support the killing of anyone for any reason. How can any person support mass murder?" (23rd November, 2015)

Comment, May, 2015

"Money Down the Drain: What a colossal Waste": see the piece by Jeff Bolam.

See the piece by Rachel Thomas on

Why it's time we all finally begin to believe in Peace - besides the fact we need to unite together towards it more than ever."

Voting for Peace!

By voting for any of of the traditional parties you are, whether you want to or not, endorsing our country's militarism, and our interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Mali. We don't think this is right! We think you should be able to tell the Government that there is a better way.

Help us to to bring our vision of a better and more peaceful world closer, by voting for the Peace Party at future elections.

If you would like to know more about the Peace Party and its policies, or even to get involved, why not send us an email or call us for a chat?

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